Friday, August 15, 2014

not your average latte...

i love to start each morning with a large bowl of latte. first, i make a pot of organic, fairtrade (decaf) espresso, using my stovetop bialetti espresso machine. while the espresso is noisily brewing, i combine warm almond and coconut milks and foam them to a rich, creamy abundance; then i spoon the foamed milk onto the steaming hot coffee in my special coffee bowl, purchased in paris. (sometimes, i'll sweeten my coffee with maple syrup or honey). i love the ritual.
however, over the past few months, the latte gods have been conspiring against me. first of all, my beloved delonghi espresso machine/milk foamer exraordinaire stopped working; then my replacement bodum hand-whizzer thingamajig also gave up the ghost. in desperation, i purchased an overpriced, fancy-schmancy stovetop milk frother that did sweet f.a. to a pot of milk (i tried both warm and cold milk. it worked with neither.) what to do???

inspired by a member of the fam, who told me he threw coffee, coconut oil and milk into the blender, i adapted to my own taste and came up with 'not your average latte'.

not your average latte

what you need
1 pot of strong, freshly-brewed espresso
1 c almond milk/coconut milk combination, warmed slightly
2 T maple syrup or honey
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1  and 1/2 T liquid coconut oil

how to do it
put milk, maple syrup, cinnamon and coconut oil into blender jar. slowly pour in coffee. cover with lid and zap on low speed until incorporated (about 45 seconds). carefully remove lid (place a clean, wet dishcloth on lid in case the mixture spits at you). pour into large bowl or mug - there will be a lovely layer of creamy, foamy coffee-milk that rises to the top. yum!

enjoy the weekend, y'all!

p.s. this is my 900th post!  incroyable!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

what i've been reading...part 2

five quarters of the orange, joanne harris, perrenial
~i love joanne harris. i always want to bake bread or make jam after i read her books...

the oriental wife, evelyn toyton, other press
~ the saga of 3 german jewish friends and their lives in america

the eye of jade, diane wei liang, simon and schuster
~a whodunit set in modern-day beijing, featuring female private eye mei wang

unbearable lightness, portia de rossi, atria
~a brave book about anorexia, bulimia, hollywood, triumph and acceptance

  the little stranger, sarah waters, mcclelland and stewart
~a supernatural tale of love, rejection, loss, and madness

Monday, August 11, 2014

what i've been reading...part 1

i have had a wonderful, sunny, book-filled summer! there is nothing more pleasant than sitting in the shade during a hot afternoon, completely absorbed in another world. here are some of the books i've been reading, broken into 2 posts with succinct comments(because bloggers who write tons of script and post a thousand photographs annoy the shit out of me. learning to EDIT is priceless...)

above, a certain smile (un certain sourire ) françoise sagan, university of chicago press
 ~looking for love in 1950's paris

the pillars of the earth, ken follett, new american library
   ~ everything you ever wanted to know about who built those magnificent cathedrals in europe and great britain

the book of negroes, lawrence hill, harper collins
~written by a fellow canadian, this book is truly magnificent. a MUST READ.

chasing harry winston, lauren weisberger, simon and schuster
~an easy beach read about 3 friends in ny city

the five people you meet in heaven, mitch albom, time warner books
~a sweet and hopeful tale that made me bawl my eyes out...

Saturday, August 2, 2014

high summer

The temperatures in my part of the world have been hovering around 39 degrees Celsius (that's 102 degrees F) for the better part of 4 weeks, which is HOT any which way you look at it. however, being in the mountains means it never really gets very humid (Bangkok is humid; Ha Noi is humid; Toronto is get my drift). by 11 a.m., my deck is so sizzling I can't walk barefoot on it, and in order to sit outside and savour my mid-morning organic almond and coconut latte, I park my ass in a small and diminishing (in accordance with the sun's transit thought the summer sky) piece of shade, and usually savour a small bowl of what I call coconut 'cheesecake' parfait, pictured above. super easy to whip up, I always keep a rich, creamy, healthy batch in the fridge - and now you,can too! Happy August, my friends!!

coconut 'cheesecake' parfait (vegan, organic when you can)

what you need
1/4 c chia pudding (1 measure of chia seeds in 3/4 c almond or coconut milk, soaked overnight in fridge)
1/2 c vanilla almond yogourt (you can use vanilla Greek  yogourt if you prefer)
1 T liquid coconut oil
seasonal fruit (apricots, cherries, blueberries, peaches etc)
a few nuts and some DIY granola for garnish

how to do it
Mix yogourt and chia pudding until smoothe - add coconut oil and stir until incorporated. place in fridge for 20 minutes or so ( this allows coconut oil to thicken yogurt mixture). remove from fridge and tart up with whatever fresh and delectable fruit you have on hand. savour. smile. breathe deeply. enjoy wherever you may happen to be, this lovely summer day...

Thursday, July 31, 2014

update: top 10 countries

blogger metrics are a double-edged sword - whilst they are interesting, they can also be addictive. which is why i purposefully avoid them at times, so's not to become obsessive and tedious about my stats. i reckon that the people that click on my blog are awesome, plain and simple.
that being said, i do like to sneak a peek at the country hits every once in a while. so here are the all time top ten countries that follow quelquechose, as of this moment in time...some of them surprising!

again, my heartfelt and humble thanks to all of you who read my blog.
xo parisgirl

1. united states of america (by quite a wide margin - thank you my american friends - you rock my world)
2. canada
3. russia
4. united kingdom
5. germany
6. france
7. australia
8. ukriane
9. china
10. brazil

photo of sunset boulevard, not taken by me, unfortunately, but borrowed by me from some random place on the internet one drunken evening. i do intend on taking a roadtrip to california in the near future...preferably in a convertible, thelma and louise styles, but without the sad ending...
if you took this photo, please let me know and i will gladly give you credit. and maybe we could meet up for a cocktail or two in venice beach...which i will buy.