Tuesday, December 23, 2014

nostalgia: a child's christmas in wales

*i have published this post for the last 4 years, simply because i absolutely love dylan thomas' reading of his iconic short story...

when i was a child, part of the christmas ritual involved listening to the cbc, and its annual replaying of dylan thomas reading his short story a child's christmas in wales. dylan had a seriously beautiful, resonant voice with an hypnotic sing-song welsh accent that will have you sighing in bliss. done originally for the bbc (the story was published in 1955 so i reckon it was recorded in the late 50's/early 60's) - this recording is a rarity in this day and age of pristine sound: the crackly noisy background is reminiscent of a vintage gramophone record. listen and enjoy...and this holiday season, cherish the children around you.

a very happy holiday to you all!

my gift to you... a child's christmas in wales by dylan thomas. 


Sunday, December 7, 2014

old timey skiing

this is a statue of olaus jeldness, a norwegian pioneer in my little mountain town, who organized and established competitive skiing in western canada. the 1st ever canadian ski competition took place in rossland in 1897, and both skiing and a rugged outdoor spirit like olaus', still pervade all who live here. note that he is wearing a waistcoat and a frockcoat as well as a québécois style toque: along with button-up trousers, all items would have been made of wool for warmth, and i can only imagine how uncomfortable, and heavy and itchy they would have been when wet! the long pole he's hefting would have been used for steering (like a rudder), or braking (which he apparently seldom did), as he hurtled down the mountainside during a race.

olaus also established the rossland winter carnival in 1898, a mid-winter celebration of all things snow, which is still held today. i can hardly wait for the festivities to begin - whoopee!!! come join us!

rossland winter carnival january 29-february 1, 2015. for more info click here

Monday, November 24, 2014

the view from here 1 month later. and a little mountain haute couture...

snow!!! up until last week we had a mere hint of snow on the ground. then on friday it started puking snow, and now we have about 1 foot of lovely fluffy POWDER on the ground. the forecast is for more snow over the next few days. hooray!!

and these are what i now wear on my feet - aka mountain haute couture! this is, after all, a mountain town which means that aside from the main street, which is flat, all other streets are vertical to some degree or another. these are a nécessité! and i think they're awesomely kickass.

Monday, November 3, 2014

the view from here

i love walking in the cool crisp fall mountain air. there's just something so clean and rejuvenating about a deep lungful of oxygen, non? i discovered a meandering trail about 2 minutes from my house, when i inadvertently took a dead end street. sometimes, taking a wrong turn is the best thing ever...
a couple of mornings later, snow! which has all but disappeared in town, but on the mountaintops, there remains a dusting of the white stuff. soon the bears will be hunkering down for the cold weather, and we'll all be gearing up for the new ski/snowboard/snowshoeing season. winter is coming! (i never thought i'd be so excited for the cold and snow...i absolutely hated winter when i lived in the prairies. its amazing how a new location can bring about a fresh and positive perspective!)
xo parisgirl

Friday, October 24, 2014

wwfs (what would freud say?)

i love cillian murphy. he has the most GORGEOUS blue eyes in the universe. and he's irish, which for me is the icing on the cake, because i love irish men. plus he's an amazing actor...here he is, shown in a contemplative/murderous mood in the show 'peaky blinders'. which leads me to this...

why am i drawn to violent/bloody/storylines about fucked-up psycopaths?

my television viewing this fall is comprised of the following...

1. peaky blinders murderous and criminal goings-on of a post WW1, psycopathic birmingham family. the sets are hades incarnate, the men all have weird/creepy haircuts...and arthur is a COCAINE-FUELLED LUNATIC...

2. ray donovan murderous and criminal goings-on of a displaced boston irish-catholic family in hollywood. jon voight is superb. as is liev schreiber, playing the psychopathic ray.

3. manhattan murderous and criminal goings-on of brainiac physicists attempting to invent the atomic bomb in secret. robert oppenheimer is uber-creepy...charlie isaacs is my dream geek.

4. supernatural murderous and criminal goings-on of angels, demons and demon-hunters attempting to save/destroy the world. the winchester brothers are awesomely sexy in their plaid shirts and carhartt jackets...plus it's filmed in vancouver, y'all, which is my hometown.

5. intruders murderous and criminal goings-on of dead people coming back to life and hijacking people's bodies to live in. also filmed in vancouver (masquerading as seattle, where it rains a lot, and is super depressing.)

6. american horror story: freak show murderous and criminal goings-on of a clown! plus a guy with flipper hands! yowza! jessica lange is rivetting. this show totally freaks me out...

7. the bridge murderous and criminal goings-on of everyone, in this american version of the danish/swedish show of the same name. this series is SO gory i cannot eat dinner whilst watching. diane krueger is great as the asperger's-suffering el paso police detective...demian bichir needs to stop whispering in that damn annoying husky voice (who talks that way ffs?); matthew lillard rocks. and kudos to franka potente who has come a long way since jason bourne's sweet girlfriend... 

8. hell on wheels murderous and criminal goings-on of adventurers attempting to build a railway to the pacific ocean (which in, retrospect, must have been one fuck of a trip). anson mount, as cullen bohannon, still has my heart...

so, what would freud say? i really don't give a damn...